About Us

Who is International Equity?

We recognize that your goals and needs are unique, and we believe your portfolio should reflect that uniqueness. Our approach is to construct portfolios customized for each individual client, employing a disciplined strategy that enables us to analyze the entire investment landscape and identify what we believe will drive success across all major markets in the future.


Our Company Philosophy

Our main goal is to invest in high-quality, high-return assets in collaboration with our clients, emphasizing asset class diversification to mitigate their exposure. Leveraging our unparalleled access to assets and managers not widely available, we can provide advantageous terms and heightened market responsiveness for the benefit of our clients. Through these partnerships, we achieve our Investor First model, catering to our clients' goals while expanding their diversification beyond a conventional Stock and Bond portfolio.

Our wealth management service strives for an optimal balance between stable returns and liquid cash flow, minimizing exposure to market forces and sustaining profitable gains for our clients, especially with new assets. At International Equity, we collaborate with clients to identify financial service options tailored to their specific needs. In the realm of investment and portfolio management solutions, we've forged referral arrangements with a select group of portfolio managers. This enables us to introduce our clients to the advantages of a full discretionary managed account.

Who is International Equity?

The diversity among the employees of International Equity is a significant asset. We are steadfastly committed to ensuring equal opportunity in all facets of employment and unequivocally prohibit any form of illegal discrimination or harassment.

Specifically, International Equity adheres to a policy of providing equal opportunity to all qualified applicants and existing employees, without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity/expression), sexual orientation, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, marital status, political affiliation, citizenship status, genetic information, employment status, protected veteran status, or any other basis that would contravene applicable ordinances or laws.

Our Services

IEF delivers expert financial services to both retail and institutional investors.



Equities, commonly referred to as stocks, represent ownership shares in a company. Therefore, purchasing stocks means acquiring equities and becoming a partial owner of the company corresponding to the shares you own.



Cryptocurrencies are digital assets utilized for investments and online transactions. The process involves exchanging traditional currency, such as dollars, to acquire "coins" or "tokens" of a specific cryptocurrency.


Offshore Fund

Offshore funds refer to mutual fund schemes that allocate their investments to international markets. These funds either directly invest in overseas markets or have the flexibility to invest in other funds within those markets.


Fund Management

Fund management involves overseeing and managing the cash flow of a financial institution. The fund manager ensures that the maturity schedules of deposits align with the demand for loans.


Asset Management

Asset management is the strategic approach of enhancing overall wealth over time through the acquisition, maintenance, and trading of investments with the potential for value appreciation.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is an investment advisory service that integrates financial offerings, including investment advice and estate planning, to address the comprehensive needs of clients.

We can help facilitate your access to the benefits of trading on secondary markets.

Seek advice from an advisor right away! Regardless of your level of experience, we have the suitable solution for you to start investing like a professional.